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Anonymous asked:
Hey! I was reading some articles about 'Demons' and the choice for Tripplehorn to leave was mutual. The writers/directors/she felt that since Blake entered the show fairly subtly, she should leave the same way. I think the actress actually preferred to have a quiet exit because Blake's character is pretty to-herself and quiet. My theory about emphasizing everything with Reid is that Reid/Blake were really close & therefore her leave had to be justified through the one person she was closest to.

i was reading some really great points on this particular issue (which you can find here and here), and they do an awesome job of explaining my feelings towards the finale, which basically is how frustrated i felt at the poor writing and just poor execution of the show. blake’s surprise dead son, for example: never explained in the show, never brought up before, never ever ever hinted at (except for one brief moment where alex is asked if she has kids and she says no and i guess you can read into that if you try hard enough). and then all of a sudden, blake’s dead son is tossed into the writing circle … as a plot device to explain how important reid is to her. and okay, i get it, blake and reid are close, but couldn’t that have been showcased differently? couldn’t blake have a storyline that did not need to drive forward the storyline of her male counterpart?

and i applaud tripplehorn for everything she’s done: she is a fantastic and wonderful actor, and blake has been one of my favourite characters, hands down, but her leaving wasn’t ”quiet” or ”low-key”, it was almost non-existent. there were no hints, no clues, not even an explanation for why blake wanted to leave. you have to literally comb through her two years on the bau, and that’s not fair. emily got two better send-offs than that, jj had a logical reason for leaving, but blake just … gets into a cab and leaves the bau. 

and the worst part is that everyone is equating blake’s departure on how it affects reid. blake has been through some serious traumatic crap, but how is reid going to take it? jj was tied up and tortured, suffered a brutal miscarriage, lied and was lied to in the pursuit of keeping people safe, but that storyline isn’t important. no one has brought it up since it happened. morgan was shot and put in the hospital, too, but he’s out there running around five minutes later. garcia shot a man and her immediate and first reaction was shock and horror. but it’s okay, reid’s safe. and then we cut to garcia not even blinking an eye. this is a girl who couldn’t even hold a gun when a sadistic cop was trying to kill her in her own home. 

all of this just screams poor writing and poor execution and it upsets me because i got into a show about profiling and the power of the mind and instead i’m getting loud explosions and female characters not receiving the agency and respect they deserve.

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cmstarling asked:
I say we pretend "Demons" focused on Alex and ignore everything to the contrary.
  • no one got shot because alex and jj outwitted the bad guys at last second and wiped the floor with them
  • jj — who was established as a crack shot at least four or five seasons earlier — shoots the bad guy in the first five minutes
  • garcia decodes and cracks all of the rest of the information
  • alex decides to stay because clearly the world is lost without her
  • roll credits
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Anonymous asked:
hi! i was just wondering what mun thought about last night's episode?

spoilers under the cut for everyone who hasn’t seen it yet


  • i wasn’t really worried for reid because he’s such a fan favourite and i really doubted they’d get rid of him
  • but seriously at this point he’s been shot twice, abducted, harmed, his girlfriend was killed???? like this kid is being put through the wringer
  • penelope garcia is a goddess and i won’t hear a word against her
  • i loved blake and i’m really angry that she’s gone
  • i’ll be honest, i started disliking the writing and the gross misogyny of the show around season six or seven and i stopped watching completely after emily left the final time
  • which is one of the reasons i stopped updating this blog
  • but it’s like 
  • why did alex have to go????
  • why was her leaving handled so poorly????
  • why does cm focus on big loud explosive things that reinforce negative stereotypes and shove women into metaphorical freezers?
  • why does the focus seem to be exclusively on reid??
  • i know that sounds weird coming from me (a reid blog) but it seems like reid gets far too much focus
  • penelope shot a guy and the focus was put on doing it for reid
  • alex blake left and the focus was put on how it affected reid
  • and also how is jj’s arc being handled??? how was that dealt with
  • wasn’t she tied up and assaulted like three episodes ago
  • basically it was momentarily distracting but not nearly as good as i wish it was and that disappoints me because cm was my favourite show
  • my dad literally called me from virignia so we could watch it together
  • and it just makes me really determined to turn this blog into an alternate universe where everything is awesome and the producers of cm can’t touch it
  • so yeah
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It’s not really my particular favourite, but don’t tell Garcia that.

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Anonymous asked:
so i feel like you have such a phenomenal handle of all of the characters. it blows my mind. i'm in love. <3

thank you friend!! please enjoy this tongue porn as a token of my gratitude

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